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Are Online Reviews Important For Your Insurance Agency?

As an insurance agent, you often feel like your own boss, and one of the biggest roles you will have to play is the marketer. Online marketing often seems like a mad dash to show up before everyone else, but with a few key tools in your pocket, you can really make an impact. At BlueJay Reviews, we have a solution to your marketing questions and it comes in the form of online reviews. It will be hard to find something more powerful than online reviews for an insurance agency , which is why we’re going to talk about the value of online reviews for your business and what makes them important for you. They Can Increase Your Visibility Did you know that many customers will rely on search engines to not only find your business but then decide if they will hire you? This means that you need to take productive steps to improve your search engine ratings regularly. While search engine optimization is often a bit cryptic, there are a few things that can help. Creating fresh content that

Getting Powerful Online Reviews for the Retail Industry

Let’s face it, every business industry is going to benefit from having online reviews . It’s the way this modern age operates as social media and other platforms make up a huge portion of people’s lives. This is no different for the retail industry, but every industry is going to have unique quirks as to why they will benefit from these reviews. At BlueJay Reviews , we help you not only GET these online reviews, but we also help you take the next steps. Here are a few things that stand out to us about online reviews in the retail industry , as well as our process to help your business with them! Why Online Reviews? In light of all of the events happening in 2020, it’s never been a more important time to figure out how to get your business online and make sure that you are controlling the thermostat of that online content. An article on Business Insider made this very valid point: “Consumers’ sudden reliance on online shopping coupled with a decrease in people’s trust in adve

5 Things to Include on Your Dental Practice’s Website

Your website is oftentimes one of the first places that your potential patients are going to go, so you need to make sure that it really packs a punch right from the start. There are several ways that you can make an impact on your website, sometimes though tools and other times through text, but no matter what, you want to keep working at it and perfecting it. Here are a few ways that you can improve your dental practices website and a way that BlueJay Reviews can assist you with this! Keep Your Site Informative This may feel overwhelming at first, but it really is important for you to include lots of well-organized information about your dental practice and the treatments and services that you provide. Obviously, this is reassuring to a patient to be able to read about your treatments, but this is also really good for the online algorithms. You can always start small and grow as you go, but at least start with a page dedicated to your services, and then eventually work your wa

Managing Your Hotel Reviews in 2020

This has been a really interesting year, and even more so for the travel industry. While things have probably been slower for you in the past few months, you may find that you are experiencing an uptick in business which could mean an uptick in reviews for your facility as well. Here at BlueJay Reviews , we know that you want to make sure every guest receives the best possible experience, and a lot of that is learned through the reviews that they leave behind. Here are a few things you can remember as you maintain the reviews of your company , and how our team at BlueJay Reviews can help. Do Everything You Can to Create a Wonderful Experience As everyone has been experiencing a strange shift in habits and plans over the last few months, now more than ever, it will be important to make their stay comfortable. Go out of your way to make sure that your team is ready to be supportive and accommodating, find ways to make the guest’s visit even more meaningful, even if through brochur

5 Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agents

Marketing is one of the most pivotal things you can do for your insurance company in this modern era. If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that showing up online and showing up well can be a really valuable tool for your company. At BlueJay Reviews , we specialize in getting online reviews for your company , and while that is a big part of your marketing campaign, there are a few other things you can do as well. Because the insurance industry can be both saturated and competitive, having a good marketing strategy is going to really help you in your business. Here are the top five things you can do to get your marketing strategy under way. Set Goals One of the first things you’ll want to do is set goals. Marketing goals are going to be different for every insurance agent, you’ll have different things you want to accomplish, and your demographic will have different needs, but goals will help you narrow down on the important things. A good rule of thumb is to follow

Review Automation for Automotive Industries

Automation and automotive, they have a nice ring to them, don’t you think? When you are in the auto industry, you want to be consistently showcasing positive experiences and excellent reviews, but to do that, you have to HAVE the reviews. It can be all too easy to forget about the value of reviews , and when you forget why they are so important it isn’t hard to forget to ask for them. Which means that your review sites may become inundated with both the really good, from clients who loved their experience so much they just HAD to share, and the really not so good … from clients who had such a chip on their shoulder that they felt the need to let everyone know. This is why we have created a program that makes the review process automated . You don’t have to think about it nearly as much, and you can still be getting good reviews for your auto shop. Here are a few ways our automated online review solution can make your life so much easier. The BlueJay Reviews Process We want to au

Ways to Respond to Unhappy Reviews of Your Dental Practice

It happens to the best of us - a negative review. Whether this is just a customer who was disappointed with heir visit or someone who is hot under the collar and fuming, there are ways to approach both. Hopefully, with some tact, compassion, a bit of generosity, and a healthy dose of boundaries, you can remedy the situation, clear up miscommunication, and either keep the customer or keep them from spreading their venom to other potential customers. Here at BlueJay Reviews , we make getting you high-quality reviews a priority because we know how important a good review is for a dentist. Your business will rely on the opinions of others, and we want to make sure that you are getting the best results possible. One aspect of our service is to make it easy for you to respond to reviews. Here are some sample reviews you can use for different situations, as well as a breakdown so you can write your own! For The Customer Who is “Always Right” If you’ve been in the business for any len

Reasons Customers Aren’t Leaving Reviews for Your Veterinary Office

Owning a small business is filled with puzzles, hurdles, and life-lessons. While you have to be able to produce a product or skill for your clients, you also have to handle bookkeeping0, manage employees, and even more so - head up marketing. While some companies have the ability to outsource most of those tasks, some small businesses are going to have to handle these nuances on their own. One of the greatest challenges within the marketing field is if your clients are leaving reviews for your office. You rely on their positive reviews to help earn more customers , so this is a pretty important aspect of your company. Here at BlueJay Reviews , we realize why you need your customer's reviews, which is why we created this company. However, sometimes getting to the root of the issue can help just as much as hiring a company to assist you. Here are a few reasons your customers are not leaving reviews for your veterinary office and how BlueJay Reviews can help! 1. You Haven’t

Improving SEO For Insurance Companies with Online Reviews

It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days. If you can rank the highest, you have a better chance of reaching more clients, growing your business, and becoming even more successful. Now more than ever, it’s time for insurance agents to utilize review management programs . If not just for the fact that they save time and make sure that you don’t let any reviews drop through the cracks, it can also help improve your SEO. Here are a few things you need to know about online reviews and how BlueJay Reviews can help improve insurance companies through online reviews. They Keep Viewers For Longer Have you heard of the term “bounce-rate?” This determines how long someone is hanging around on your website, and the longer they stay, the better your SEO rankings are positively affected by it. You want your readers to stick around for a bit, read several pages, and help positively affect your bounce rate, you can distract them with positive reviews. They Establish You as