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3 Proven Ways to Increase your Response Rate for Online Review Prompts for your Dental Office

Dentists heavily reply on online reputation to draw in new patients to their clinics. Once someone has a dentist, they tend to stick with them so attracting new patients can be tricky. An effective way to do that is to focus on online reviews. Our online reputation management platform is here to make managing your online reviews a breeze! Learn how you can increase your response rate for the online review prompts you send to your existing patient base: 1. Let Customers Know a Review Prompt is Coming When a patient is checking out and scheduling their next appointment, this is a great time to let them know a review email or text prompt will be coming their way. Having a heads up will help them realize it's not just a spam message and an intentional message. You can also ask them to take the time to complete the survey they will receive to make our patient experiences better. Another natural opportunity to mention the review prompt is when a patient is complimenting the service the

Improve Your Review Response Rate for Your Law Office

Lawyers rely heavily on online reputation to draw in new clients. If negative reviews are all that is easily found online, it can be very difficult to get new people in the door. The best way to combat negative reviews is to get more positive reviews. If you're concerned about your law office's online reputation, our online reputation management platform is here to make managing and monitoring your reviews a breeze! Learn how: Ask Happy Clients to Leave Reviews The easiest way to grow your online reputation is to turn the conversations of feedback with your customers into reviews. When someone mentions how happy they are with your legal service, simply as them to share their feedback online. It's a natural in to the conversation and consumers are more likely to leave a review once asked to do so.  Send Automated Review Prompts Instead of asking certain clients to leave reviews, it's more effective to ask every client. An automated review prompt can be sent to your cli

Benefits of Reputation Management for an Insurance Agency

BlueJay Reviews is dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue. We automate your review management making it simple to respond to reviews quickly, promote great reviews automatically, and turn your existing customers into a referral engine. We know how important online reviews are for independent insurance agencies. Our powerful platform can help take your agency to the next level! Learn some of the benefits of partnering with BlueJay Reviews to take control of your insurance agency online reputation ! Boost Online Star Rating Your online star rating has a direct impact on your SEO. The more stars your business has, the more likely you are to rank above your competition with lower star ratings in a search. Showing up in a search is key to being found by potential customers who are actively looking for an insurance agent for their needs.  Dominate Local Search Online re

Pillars of Success for Reputation Marketing of your Apartment Complex

Renting out units and starting a waiting list for your units is the ideal place to be for an apartment complex. If your complex isn't in that situation, it may be time to focus on your online reputation management . The more positive reviews you have about your apartment complex, the more likely you are to show up a Google search, and therefore you have a better chance at getting more units rented out. It's really the way to go when it comes to filling your complex! Review Strategy One important component of your reputation is what customers are saying about you on prominent review sites. Here are a couple of tips for managing your online reviews. Proactively take control of your reputation. Have a plan for responding to damage.  SEO and content  Ultimately, a big part of your reputation is what comes up when customers do a Google search for your business. So type in your business’s name into a search bar and take note of what you see. Are all of the results describing your bra