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Effective Steps for Responding to Negative Reviews for Hotels

Hotels heavily rely on reviews for future business. Many people will make a booking decision based upon location, online reputation, and amenities. These three factors are up there in the most important things to showcase about a hotel online. BlueJay Reviews can help you cover the online reputation piece which can have a positive impact on other areas of your hotel business, as well! It's clear that overall online review star ratings are important for those making a booking decision, but those potential guests are also looking at the top few reviews, when finding a place to stay.
Unfortunately, negative reviews happen from time to time. How your hotel responds to such a review can either make the situation worse or turn it around, in the eyes of the person with a bad experience and the general public reading through online reviews. Learn how you can better respond to a negative review:
Steps for Responding to Negative Reviews: 1. Take a Moment to Calm Down Getting a bad review ab…

What is Social Proof and Why is it Important?

Social proof is becoming more and more prevalent in the online era of business. People are looking for solutions to help them find answers to their questions. That's why Google is such a huge success. The majority of online searches conducted are done through Google. If your business isn't doing anything to impact your social proof, you may be missing out on a large portion of potential sales and revenue for your business.

What is Social Proof? Consumers are all about doing a quick online search and finding answers to their questions without doing a big portion of upfront work. This is where social proof comes into play. Social proof is when someone believes something to be true because society has said it is. Reviews and online reputation is the perfect example of this. If the majority of reviews say a business is the best, for the most part, consumers believe that, even if they haven't had an experience with the specific business before.

Why is Social Proof Important? No…

3 Reasons Your Auto Dealership Can't Afford to Ignore Online Reputation Any Longer

We all know online reviews are important but they can be make or break for the automotive industry. Potential buyers take to online platforms to research vehicles and to find dealerships where they can purchase vehicles. If your dealership's online reputation isn't impressive, a potential buyer will likely choose another dealership. Vehicle selection and review ratings are both highly weighted factors consumers look into when making a buying decision. Ensure your star-rating doesn't scare off potential buyers. BlueJay Reviews can help! Our online reputation management system is here to help you take control of your online reputation. Learn why you shouldn't ignore your dealership's online reputation, in our latest blog.

1) Customers Look at Customer Reviews People take word of mouth marketing very seriously. Online reviews are essentially word of mouth and buyers rely heavily upon this type of information when making a buying decision. Consumers expect to be treate…

5 Steps to a Strong Reputation Management Strategy

Online reputation can have a direct impact on the success of any business. From hotels to car dealerships to restaurants, reviews are a big deal. People look at the reputation of a business before making a buying decision. If you're looking to improve upon your reputation, our latest blog is for you! BlueJay Reviews has provided some helpful steps to follow in hopes to improve your online reputation management strategy.

1. Collect New Reviews Getting new reviews on a regular basis can do wonders for your online reputation. Google has made it known that online reputation is a factor that's heavily weighted when ranking business websites on searchers. Having a direct correlation on search engine results, it's evident that reviews are vital to the success of your venture!

2. Monitor Online Reviews Your potential customers are looking at your online reviews so it's important that you are, as well. Having a negative review out there without any knowledge of it can hinder yo…

3 Tips for Turning Reviews into Marketing Material for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry heavily relies on reviews. It's one of the first factors many potential guests look at when making a booking decision. Whether you're looking to grow your overall reputation and increase your star-rating or if you're happy with your online reputation and want to use that content for marketing, BlueJay Reviews has you covered! Our online reputation monitoring program helps you easily attract new, monitor, and respond to online reviews, all from one easy to use dashboard. Learn a few of the ways you can turn your reviews into marketing material for your hotel.

1) Push Reviews Across Social Media Channels If you have a positive review, it's a great idea to post that across your social media channels. This can help exponentially expand the reach of that great guest experience and hopefully sway new guests into choosing your establishment.

2) Update Reviews on Website A person who is on your website is already an interested party. Push that interest…

Greet Potential Guests with a Strong Online Reputation

When a person searches online for a place to stay, often one of the first things they notice is online reviews. This isn’t on accident, it’s because the general public has let it be known that real-life experience is of higher importance than what the business itself has to say about themselves. Google has listened and online reputation has become a big factor in search engine rankings. Think about the guests’ journey as they seek out a place to stay. Is your hotel being showcased as the best and is your online reputation gaining traction for your hotel? If no is the answer (or you’re not sure), it’s time to start monitoring your online reputation and generating more reviews to have a positive impact on your reputation and in turn, your bottom line.

Search Engine Results When someone searches for accommodations online, often they are shown a few different businesses in that sector as well as direct links to book, call, or visit the hotel website. One other factor that is displayed on …

Automation Makes Responding to Auto Dealer Reviews a BREEZE

Make your life easier and business more profitable! Sounds too good to be true, but it's not! Our reputation management service allows you the option to easily and automatically manage your auto dealership's online reputation. Your online reviews are vital to drawing more visitors in and prompting new reviews from current customers can help you create a better customer experience to keep them coming back to your dealership. There are so many options in the auto sales world. Help your dealership stand out with BlueJay Reviews!
Send out auto review prompts. When a new customer is entered into your system, BlueJay Reviews sends out an automated prompt for the customer to leave a review. This text or email message will contain a direct link for the customer to easily and quickly leave feedback.

Monitor 250+ review sites on one dashboard. There are a ton of review sites out there, and even more specifically targeted toward auto dealers. Our platform allows you to easily manage all …