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Benefits of Reputation Management for an Insurance Agency

BlueJay Reviews is dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue. We automate your review management making it simple to respond to reviews quickly, promote great reviews automatically, and turn your existing customers into a referral engine. We know how important online reviews are for independent insurance agencies. Our powerful platform can help take your agency to the next level! Learn some of the benefits of partnering with BlueJay Reviews to take control of your insurance agency online reputation ! Boost Online Star Rating Your online star rating has a direct impact on your SEO. The more stars your business has, the more likely you are to rank above your competition with lower star ratings in a search. Showing up in a search is key to being found by potential customers who are actively looking for an insurance agent for their needs.  Dominate Local Search Online re

Pillars of Success for Reputation Marketing of your Apartment Complex

Renting out units and starting a waiting list for your units is the ideal place to be for an apartment complex. If your complex isn't in that situation, it may be time to focus on your online reputation management . The more positive reviews you have about your apartment complex, the more likely you are to show up a Google search, and therefore you have a better chance at getting more units rented out. It's really the way to go when it comes to filling your complex! Review Strategy One important component of your reputation is what customers are saying about you on prominent review sites. Here are a couple of tips for managing your online reviews. Proactively take control of your reputation. Have a plan for responding to damage.  SEO and content  Ultimately, a big part of your reputation is what comes up when customers do a Google search for your business. So type in your business’s name into a search bar and take note of what you see. Are all of the results describing your bra

Stats that Prove Customer Experience is Important

As most business owners know, reviews are important for drawing in new customers to your venture. But taking that a step further, the experience you're offering your customers is what leads to those great online reviews. If you don't take the necessary steps to ensure your customers have an amazing experience with your business, they are less likely to leave a good review or even worse, more likely to walk down the road to your competition!  Here are a few stats that show customer experience is crucial in today’s environment: 65% of customers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.  55% of CX professionals believe their companies will be too slow and face disruption from more innovative, nimble and customer-focused competitors.  67% of customers say their standard for good experiences are higher than they’ve ever been.  A great customer experience can help your brand attract new customers and retain existing ones. On the other hand

Insurance Agent Case Study: Rani Alfers Insurance Agency

We're excited to showcase a case study in which our reputation monitoring platform has helped one of our many insurance agency clients.  If you're ready to take control of your online reputation for your insurance agency , BlueJay Reviews is here for you! Check out the case study below with an insurance agent experience: Many Happy Clients, No Online Evidence Rani Alfers Insurance Agency of Farmers Insurance is dedicated to helping families with their financial strategies. Alfers’ clients have always been impressed with her knowledgeable staff and high quality services. However, most of them weren’t leaving reviews, making it difficult for prospective clients to find Rani Alfers Insurance Agency online -- and even if they found it, there was no social proof of the company’s credibility.  Rani Alfers knew how important reviews were, but her efforts just weren’t delivering results.  “My service team was not very successful in getting conversions on requests for reviews,” said A

How Dental Clinics Are Adapting to the New Normal

Dental clinics were some of the first businesses to shut down for a period of time when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. Since then, many safety precautions and changes have been made and dental offices are opening back up across the country.  Dental practices were considered high-risk in the early days of the pandemic, but new research indicates that 80% of adults are comfortable revisiting the dentist. Practices are increasing COVID-19 testing to ease these concerns. Some even require patients to be screened twice before an appointment.  Some offices took advantage of the shutdown to implement tools to increase efficiency and improve productivity, and are turning to technology to:  Enhance patient communication. Recall reminders, appointment confirmations, post-procedure follow-ups take a long time when done manually. Software with SMS and email capabilities can help lighten the load.  Go paperless. Everything from e-receipts to scheduling appointments and even digital patient forms

Pillars of Sucess for Marketing a Law Firm

Law firms are an interesting industry to market. There are quite a few strategies you can implement, depending on the type of client and type of case you want to take on. No matter what your goal client, there are some tried and true pillars of success for marketing to your ideal client. Our online reputation management platform knows how imperative online reviews are for law firms . Let us showcase some of the best ways to market your law firm and how BlueJay Reviews can make it easy! Review Strategy Knowing what customers are saying about you online is vital information. This not only shows what your potential clients are seeing, it can give some very insightful information about your client experience. Knowledge is power, and while it may be disheartening to see a negative review, your firm can gain a great deal of feedback from negative reviews. Ensure you are strategizing to monitor your online reviews so you can be responsive and so you can gain knowledge as reviews are left abo

Strategies to Rent More Units In Your Apartment Complex

When managing an apartment complex, the main goal is to fill your units. While there is natural turnover in apartment buildings, you're in a great spot when your units are full and there's a waiting list for when apartments come open. Getting to that point can take a lot of marketing and reputation monitoring efforts. Our reputation management platform can help make it easy to monitor your apartment complex online reviews . Learn some tips for things you can be doing to rent out more units! Increase Visibility on 3rd Party Rental Platforms Create a business listing on all of the popular rental search websites in your area. Having completed profiles can help get your complex information out to as many potential tenants as possible. This detailed information can also help Google learn more about your business.  Look at All Reviews When a review from a tenant is left, it's important that you read the review. Whether a positive review or negative, the information found in the