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Importance of Monitoring Hotel Reviews

Monitoring your reviews is vital to your online reputation. In this day in age, the majority of travelers book their stay online. If your hotel doesn't have a great representation in your reputation, it can deter guests from staying at your establishment. Our reputation management company can help you easily monitor your online reputation. Learn how you can better manage your online reviews and the importance of doing so in our latest blog.

Increase Credibility People take word of mouth/reviews very seriously. A potential guest will likely rely heavily on the reviews left by past guests of a hotel. Improve your credibility with future guests when you have more positive reviews. You can even appear to be a better place to stay than your competition -- it's a win-win!

Showcase Customer Loyalty Responding to an online review shows that you value your customer feedback and makes people who've shared their feedback feel important. This will improve the loyalty of your current g…

Get More Reviews. Sell More Vehicles.

Sounds like the perfect combination, right? In an industry surrounding a large purchase, like a vehicle, it's important that you make a good impression for anyone who is searching for businesses like yours. Vehicle options and customer service are top factors that draw in new customers to a dealership. Help your auto dealership stand out online when you monitor your online business reputation. Here at BlueJay Reviews, we make it EASY with our business reputation management service that prompts new reviews and makes it easy to respond to current reviews. Learn exactly how BlueJay Reviews can help with the online reputation for your dealership!

Prompt New Reviews When a new customer is entered into your system, an automated message will go to the customer to prompt a review. No matter if it was a vehicle service or a new vehicle purchase, it's important to reach out in a timely manner for a review. Our automated system allows your dealership to send timely prompts without having…

Keys to Success for Online Reviews

Reviews have a big impact on a business and it's important that you make it easy for your happy customers to leave feedback. In order for customers to leave feedback about your business, they need to be able to find a location in which they can share their experience. BlueJay Reviews has provided some tips for setting your business up for success when it comes to providing a place for your customers to leave reviews. After you're set up, don't forget to enlist the help of our reputation management service to help prompt more reviews from your existing customer base.

Complete Your Google My Business Listing A Google My Business listing is free to complete online and is a very important part of your online presence. If customers visit your location, it's important your information is accurate in order for potential customers to more easily find your establishment. There are many fields to complete under the account, once you claim your business. Ensure you fill out these…

3 Ways to Use Online Reviews to Promote Your Business

Offering the best product/service and a great experience is vital to the success of your business. Push that philosophy even further when you start seeking reviews from your current customers and showcasing said reviews online. Watch your business grow when you have the right online reputation management service in place.

We understand your daily list of tasks at your business is long and probably ever-growing. That's why BlueJay Reviews offers a convenient and easy way to monitor your online reputation. Our reputation management company offers a unique dashboard that helps you see at a quick glance what's going on with your online reputation. Our service automatically prompts new customers who are entered into your existing POS or ISV system to leave a review and then you can easily view and respond to the review from the dashboard. Online reviews are organically beneficial for your venture but you can go even further and use your reviews to help promote your business!

1) Get…

How to Respond to a Negative Review About Your Dealership

Reviews are a vital part of your business. It not only impacts the potential for future customers, but it can also have a detrimental impact on your bottom line. As a car dealership, many businesses strive for all positive reviews but that is not always the case. You work hard to provide a great experience for your customers but sometimes the experience just isn't that great on their end. An occasional negative review likely won't impact your overall star rating too much, but if you don't have many reviews to begin with -- it can take a toll. Here at BlueJay Reviews, we're all about helping auto dealerships improve their overall star rating which can help the entire dealership prosper in many ways. Before someone buys something of high value, like a vehicle, they will likely spend a good amount of time researching vehicles and potential dealerships where they can make their purchase. Our reputation management company is sharing some insight into ways you can respond to…

Unique Ways BlueJay Reviews Can Benefit the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is heavily reliant on reviews to help promote the business. The majority of customers seeking a place to stay will weigh three factors when making a booking decision. Location, amenities, and customer experience are three top factors that go into a decision made by potential hotel guests. Do your online reviews showcase the experience your guests will have? Start impacting the book rate for your hotel with our reputation management company.

Get Reviews While It's Fresh Gathering customer feedback while they are staying or shortly after they check out can help increase the rate of reviews left. A guest is more likely to actually leave feedback while they are experiencing the hotel versus after they've left and have moved on in their daily life.

Immediately Rectify a Negative Experience If your guests have a prompt to leave feedback during their stay, you can react in real-time to a negative experience a guest may experience. This gives you the chance to…

How to Optimize Customer Generated Marketing for Your Auto Dealership

As a car dealer, it's important to get your message out there for new customers to easily find you and your vehicles for sale. While some people are loyal to a dealership, products and customer service are oftentimes more important to someone who is buying a vehicle. BlueJay Reviews can help instill that loyalty to your current customers and leverage that to gain new customers for your dealership! Learn how our reputation management service can help you optimize customer generated marketing to benefit your business.

What is Customer Generated Marketing? Word of mouth marketing is highly effective and with the social age in which we live, this is becoming more and more effective for our clients. Customer Generated Marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes the word of mouth from your current customers. Reviews are the ideal way to make this work in our digital age. Potential buyers make buying decisions based on online reviews for many industries -- automotive included. If you…