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Greet Potential Guests with a Strong Online Reputation

When a person searches online for a place to stay, often one of the first things they notice is online reviews. This isn’t on accident, it’s because the general public has let it be known that real-life experience is of higher importance than what the business itself has to say about themselves. Google has listened and online reputation has become a big factor in search engine rankings. Think about the guests’ journey as they seek out a place to stay. Is your hotel being showcased as the best and is your online reputation gaining traction for your hotel? If no is the answer (or you’re not sure), it’s time to start monitoring your online reputation and generating more reviews to have a positive impact on your reputation and in turn, your bottom line.

Search Engine Results When someone searches for accommodations online, often they are shown a few different businesses in that sector as well as direct links to book, call, or visit the hotel website. One other factor that is displayed on …

Automation Makes Responding to Auto Dealer Reviews a BREEZE

Make your life easier and business more profitable! Sounds too good to be true, but it's not! Our reputation management service allows you the option to easily and automatically manage your auto dealership's online reputation. Your online reviews are vital to drawing more visitors in and prompting new reviews from current customers can help you create a better customer experience to keep them coming back to your dealership. There are so many options in the auto sales world. Help your dealership stand out with BlueJay Reviews!
Send out auto review prompts. When a new customer is entered into your system, BlueJay Reviews sends out an automated prompt for the customer to leave a review. This text or email message will contain a direct link for the customer to easily and quickly leave feedback.

Monitor 250+ review sites on one dashboard. There are a ton of review sites out there, and even more specifically targeted toward auto dealers. Our platform allows you to easily manage all …

Tips for a Higher Conversion Rate on Reviews for the Hospitality Industry

The majority of potential guests will look at online reviews before making a booking decision. Online reputation plays a big role in the number of bookings your hotel will likely receive. There are some simple ways to increase the number of reviews you get about your hotel. First off, a reputation management company that helps you prompt new reviews is key. This can make the review prompt a seamless transition and will require no extra work on the front line staff. When a new guest is entered into your system, BlueJay Reviews gathers that information and sends out a review prompt. At this point, it's in the hands of the guest as to if and when they will complete the prompt and leave a review. Below you can find some tips you and your team can implement to get a higher conversion rate of guests who leave a review for your hotel.

Choose the Right Communication Method BlueJay Reviews allows hotels to send review prompts to guests via email or text. The review prompt will include a li…

Importance of Monitoring the Online Reputation of an Auto Dealer

Online reputation is a vital marketing strategy for most businesses, but even so more important for auto dealers. When someone is searching for a vehicle, customer reviews are one of the first things a potential buyer investigates. If your online reputation isn't something to be proud of, it could be driving buyers away from your dealership before you even have the chance to showcase how great your dealership is. BlueJay Reviews can help your business showcase more positive reviews and help you easily monitor your online reputation.

Car Shoppers form Buying Decisions Around Dealership Online Reputation.  The online reputation of a car dealer is one of the top factors potential buyers use to make a buying decision. This alone should be reason enough to pay attention to your online reputation. If you aren't on top of things, you could easily be losing out on a number of sales you didn't even have contact with.

Learn About your Customer Experience.  Customers share feedback a…

Reasons to Focus on Getting More Google Reviews

Google is the most popular search engine and it's an important place for businesses to be found. If you're not on Google, it can be difficult for your business to be found at all. Our online reputation management service knows how important it is to have a positive online reputation and Google is one of the most powerful platforms for online reputation. BlueJay Reviews has provided some of the reasons why you should be focusing on your Google platform for reviews (and some tips on best practices).

Why Google? Consumers use Google.  The majority of online searches conducted are on Google. People are constantly searching online for products or services to solve a problem they may have. Whether they are hungry, looking for a new vehicle, or need somewhere to stay when traveling, Google has the answer for many searchers.

Most popular search engine.  81.5% of the public choose Google as the search engine they prefer. If your business isn't easy to find on Google, your consumers…

Don't Let Online Reputation SCARE Away Customers

Online reviews are one of the first factors a potential customer looks into when researching a product or service like yours. If your online reputation is a bit frightening to read, you're certainly not alone and BlueJay Reviews can help! Our online reputation management service offers proven tools to help your business get more reviews from your current customers and publishes your positive reviews automatically. Learn more of the ways we can help you monitor your business online reputation.

Prompt New Reviews BlueJay Reviews easily integrates into your existing POS or ISV system and sends out automated review prompts to new customers as they are entered into your tracking system. At this point, the customer has a text or email on their phone (which they're likely on at the time) ready to share their feedback. This is ideal timing because the experience is fresh and they are more likely to share feedback at this point.

Filters Feedback The screen that prompts a review has the…

Rev Up Auto Dealership Online Reviews

Reviews are vital to success for any business category but even more so with auto dealerships. There are a ton of options when it comes to consumers shopping around for vehicles. Among those options, there are a few factors that the majority of car buyers take into consideration when making a final purchase decision - vehicle option and dealership reputation.

Car dealers have a stigma for taking advantage of buyers and that simply isn't true in many cases. Combat that thinking when your dealership shines via online reviews. The way to get more and better online reviews is to ask for them. Asking each buyer to take the time to go online and leave their feedback can take time and commitment from your front line employees. An easier way to handle the situation is to automatically send out review prompts to your new customers. Here at BlueJay Reviews, we provide an easy-to-use platform that allows your business to generate new reviews on a regular basis by automatically sending out pr…