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Getting Dental Patients to Leave Reviews is Easier Than You Think!

Reviews are imperative for all businesses but especially for those in the dental industry. There are many options when it comes to dentists and it's important that your facility stands out online to draw in new patients. 

Help shine a light on your dental facility when you focus on the online reputation of your dental officeBlueJay Reviewsis here to help make it easy with our online dashboard that allows you to automatically send out review prompts, manually review testimonials, and manually or automatically respond to your reviews. 

The following information will teach you more about strategies to get patients to leave reviews and how our online reputation management service plays a helpful role in the process!

Ask For Reviews
The first step in getting more reviews is to ask for them. When a patient is especially happy with your service, encourage them to leave you a review. Let them know it can really help out your dentist's office and help you continue to best serve more cust…

Google's Temporary Pause on Reviews & How Your Business Can Handle the Changes

The recent restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 have affected most business operations, including Google. Since they are working with fewer staff members than usual, some features for Google My Business (GMB) are temporarily limited. Business reviews on Google, review replies, and Google Q&A will be unavailable for a while. 

This does not mean that you should stop asking customers to leave reviews. Although Google will not be posting them immediately, the reviews will be saved to post later. With so much confusion in the world, local businesses are vulnerable to misinformation and not so favorable reviews due to client frustration. Pausing certain features ensures that information can be adequately moderated.

BlueJay Reviews is here to make sure your business can benefit from customer feedback. Here are some suggestions to help lessen the impact of some of Google's temporary changes.

New reviews are still being accepted by Google but are not being published right away. …

7 Ways Auto Dealerships Can Get More Customers

The more customers you have, the more cars you sell and the more money you make. Our online reputation management company is here to help you do just that! Our platform offers you time efficient solutions to manage your auto dealership online reviews. BlueJay Reviews is here to point out some of the other things you can do (in addition to working with us) that can boost your customer base! Check them out:

1. Encourage Online ReviewsHelp motivate your consumers to leave online reviews. This can be as easy as asking them to leave a review at any time during the car buying process. Often times consumers won't go out of their way to leave a review but they may be more apt to do so if they are simply asked. The majority of consumers consult online reviews before they make a buying decision about a company. Ensure your dealership's reputation is drawing people in, not driving them away. 

2. Have a Great WebsiteYour website is the center of your online universe. This is the place where…

3 Reasons Why Insurance Agents Should Focus on Online Reviews

When people are looking for a new insurance agent, more than likely the first thing they will do is search for a list of possible candidates online. Having a strong online presence is extremely important so that your name will be toward the top of that list. 

Once they find your name, customers will want to know more about you and the reasons you are better than the rest. For that, they will turn to customer reviews. Our online reputation management system can help you take control of the way customers see you online. 

Here are a few reasons why more reviews are an excellent tool for moving your business forward, especially when you let BlueJay Reviews help you to encourage and monitor those customer comments. 

1. Everyone Is Online
9 times out of 10 (and quite often, 10 times out of 10) when people need to know something, they will turn to the internet for the answer. Phrases like "How can I find an insurance agent in my town?" and "Who is the best insurance agency in my a…

REPUTATION MATTERS for the Veterinary Industry

Veterinary clinics receive patients from a number of avenues but online search is one of the most common ways potential patients choose a vet office to use. Location and reputation are both important factors taken into consideration when a pet owner is choosing a vet for their furry friends. If your veterinary clinic isn't taking control of your online reputation to draw in new patients, potential new patients may be going down the street to your competitor. Learn WHY reputation matters for the veterinary industry and how BlueJay Reviews can help below:

Pet Owners Want the Best Pets are like family and pet owners want the best for their families. Most owners will seek out the best vet clinics in their area to treat their furry friends. Whether it's an injury or a simple routine check-up, many pet owners believe their pets deserve the best and they will search until they find just that!

People Rely Heavily on Online Reviews Consumers weigh online reviews among the top deciding …

A Guide to the Voice of the Customer

Nearly 50% of new businesses fail in the first five years. Customer experience is vital to bringing buyers into your business and retaining their business. Our online reputation management business knows how impactful the Voice of the Consumer is for all businesses. BlueJay Reviews is covering everything you need to know about the Voice of the Customer below:

What is the Voice of the Customer? This term is used by businesses to examine customer experience. The experience your customers have can show you a lot about your business. Evaluating your online reviews can give you a direct view into your customer experience. You can better anticipate your customer needs from your business by looking over your online reviews on a regular basis.

How to Get the Best Voice of the Customer Information: Send Review Prompts As every customer to leave a review for your business. This can help you get a better view of what your business reputation really is. It can be tempting to only ask customers wh…

The Ultimate Guide to Reputation Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

A vehicle is a big investment. Whether it's selling a new vehicle or having maintenance performed, the choice of an auto dealership is an important one. As a car dealer, it's vital that customers in your area know about your great reputation to help draw them in time and time again. Once you offer a great experience, it's important that each time your customer returns they have that same fantastic experience. Help your dealership spread the word about your positive online reputation with the help of our online reputation management platform. If you're ready to take control of your online reviews for your auto dealership, take a look below to learn how BlueJay Reviews can help:

About BlueJay Reviews BlueJay Reviews is dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue.

The problem is how do you do that while trying to run your day to day operations? That’s wher…