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How to Optimize Customer Generated Marketing for Your Auto Dealership

As a car dealer, it's important to get your message out there for new customers to easily find you and your vehicles for sale. While some people are loyal to a dealership, products and customer service are oftentimes more important to someone who is buying a vehicle. BlueJay Reviews can help instill that loyalty to your current customers and leverage that to gain new customers for your dealership! Learn how our reputation management service can help you optimize customer generated marketing to benefit your business. What is Customer Generated Marketing? Word of mouth marketing is highly effective and with the social age in which we live, this is becoming more and more effective for our clients. Customer Generated Marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes the word of mouth from your current customers. Reviews are the ideal way to make this work in our digital age. Potential buyers make buying decisions based on online reviews for many industries -- automotive included

Questions to Ask to Help Get More Customers

As a business, you likely do a number of things to draw people into your business. From marketing to producing the best products and/or services, you spend a lot of time and money on gaining more customers. While these are all effective ways to do so, there are some deeper questions you should be asking yourself, as well. Our reputation management service can help you get more customers in a few different ways. Learn more about the questions you should ask and what BlueJay Reviews is all about below: Questions to Ask to Help Get More Customers What mindset is my customer in? Is the product or service you offer something people are excited to search or maybe not so thrilled to be looking for. For example, an emergency service plumber may not be something the general public are eager to be looking for. If that's the case for your business, try to meet your searchers with a positive message about your business. They may not be happily seeking information so it's best to

Boost Your Auto Dealership Sales with Positive Online Reviews

The automotive industry is a competitive area of business and potential buyers have many options available when it comes time to buy a vehicle. Not only is price point an important factor, how customers are treated is another big deciding factor potential buyers look into. The online reputation of your car dealership can have a big impact on the number of potential customers who turn into buyers. Check out some of the ways a positive review can help up your auto dealer sales with our reputation management service ! Showcase Happy Customers: People like to see the experience of others who've worked with your car dealership in the past. Customer experience is a big selling point. Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews. You can seamlessly prompt a review for your customers as they are entered into your DMS if you integrate that DMS with BlueJay Reviews . BlueJay currently integrates with many DMS systems. An automated review request text/email message will be sent out

Retain More Customers with Reputation Management

Customer retention is a huge perk of monitoring your online reputation. Most individuals will look at a company's reviews before making a buying decision. This is a prime reason why it's vital to monitor what's being said about your business on your online review sites. Another way the BlueJay Reviews can play into helping your business grow is to retain more customers. Our product offers an automated review request that goes out to your new customers as they are entered into your CRM system. Learn how our online reputation management service can help you attract and retain more customers! Retention is Key! Your main focus in business is creating a product or offering a service that's the best in your industry. While we know this is important, your online reputation can say a lot about your business as well. Buyers trust what's being said about a business or product online. In order to help retain current customers and gain the trust of new ones, it's i