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Benefits for Apartment Complexes

Filling up your apartments is the main goal of owning an apartment complex. Potential tenants oftentimes find places to rent online. If your complex isn't showing up on a local Google search, it may be time to take action to take control of your online reputation. Our online reputation management platform makes it easy to gain new reviews and helps you easily manage your existing reviews. Check out a few of the benefits of partnering with BlueJay Reviews for your apartment complex :  Boost online star ratings The more positive reviews your complex has, the better your overall star rating will be. An incremental bump up in your star rating can help your complex appear more often in a local search for apartments for rent. A boost in your star rating is translated to a boost in the bottom line, as well! It's a win-win! Dominate local search Local search is heavily influenced by online reviews. Google is all about giving searchers the best experience possible and presenting busine

Perks of BlueJay Reviews for Small Businesses

Our online review platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes but small businesses specifically have some fantastic perks of using BlueJay Reviews . Every business should focus on online reputation since it has a big impact on local search and drawing new customers into your business. Small businesses face a unique set of challenges and our online reputation management platform can aid in some of those challenges.  Save on Payroll Online reputation is vital for the growth of a business of any size. Managing online reviews can take up quite a bit of time for your staff. You may be at the point where you are considering hiring an additional team member to handle online reviews on behalf of your business. Hiring a new person can get expensive -- from payroll to benefits to training, a lot of time and money is going to be invested before your employee is even ready to start managing your online reputation.  Easily Draw New Customers In Consumers consult online reviews many times before

Take Control of Your Insurance Agency's Online Reputation

Online reviews have a big impact on many businesses. Insurance agencies are no different. Agencies strive to attract new customers to continue to grow their customer base. Monitoring your online reputation can help you gain new customers for a cycle of continued growth. If you're ready to take control of your online reputation for your insurance agency , check out some of the perks in our latest blog! Send Automated Review Prompts BlueJay Reviews easily integrates into your existing POS or ISV system and sends out automated review prompts to new customers as they are entered into your tracking system. The customer has a text or email on their phone (which they're likely on at the time) ready to share their feedback. This is ideal timing because the experience is fresh and they are more likely to share accurate and relevant feedback. Get Instant Feedback The screen that prompts a review has the customer select to share their positive feedback or share negative feedback directly

Must-Know Details about Apple Maps

Apple Maps is making a change to their platform to soon accept reviews within the platform, instead of using outside platforms to showcase the reputation of the business. There were about 23 million active users on Apple Maps last year. That means there's a huge opportunity to maximize upon the Apple Maps market, when it comes to leveraging online reviews. Learn more about the changes Apple Maps plans to make in the near future: If you own an iPhone, you probably know about Apple Maps, the default map application for iOs. Just like other map applications like Google Maps and Waze, Apple Maps features reviews and ratings for businesses. Currently, Apple gets this data from third-party review providers like Yelp and TripAdvisor. If an Apple Maps user clicks on business reviews, they’ll then be taken to these third-party apps. But this is changing.  Apple Maps will soon have its own rating platform so that customers can view and post ratings for local businesses without needing to lea