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Take Control of Your Insurance Agency's Online Reputation

Online reviews have a big impact on many businesses. Insurance agencies are no different. Agencies strive to attract new customers to continue to grow their customer base. Monitoring your online reputation can help you gain new customers for a cycle of continued growth. If you're ready to take control of your online reputation for your insurance agency, check out some of the perks in our latest blog!

Send Automated Review Prompts

BlueJay Reviews easily integrates into your existing POS or ISV system and sends out automated review prompts to new customers as they are entered into your tracking system. The customer has a text or email on their phone (which they're likely on at the time) ready to share their feedback. This is ideal timing because the experience is fresh and they are more likely to share accurate and relevant feedback.

Get Instant Feedback

The screen that prompts a review has the customer select to share their positive feedback or share negative feedback directly with the company owner or managers. This is a fantastic way for a happy customer to share their experience and the review then automatically publishes to your review site and/or other review platforms of your choice. It can also help keep some of the negative reviews you main obtain out of the public eye.

Easily Respond to Reviews

Once you receive a review from a customer you've prompted to leave feedback, you can easily view the review and respond to the review from the online dashboard. This allows you the chance to interact with your customers again and help solidify their purchase and/or service they received. It's also another opportunity for a touchpoint with the customer which reinforces brand awareness and enhances the overall experience.

Increase Star Rating

The more review prompts that are sent, the more reviews your business will receive. The way our system is set up to help your business directly intercept negative reviews to take further action also helps to keep those 1-3 star reviews private. It's a great way to improve your overall star rating which can have a positive impact on your bottom line!

If you're ready to take control of your online reputation and start reaping the benefits, you're ready to partner with BlueJay Reviews. Our online reputation platform makes it easy to start growing and monitoring your online reputation. Request a free demo on our website and experience it for yourself today!

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