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Automation Makes Responding to Your Automotive Dealership's Reviews a Breeze!

You can easily make your life easier and your business more profitable! Sounds too good to be true, but it's not! Our online reputation management service allows you the option to easily and automatically manage your auto dealership's online reputation .  Your online reviews are vital to drawing more visitors in. Prompting new reviews from current customers can help you create a better customer experience, keep them coming back to your dealership, and draw the interest of new customers. There are so many options in the auto sales world. Here is how you can help your dealership stand out with BlueJay Reviews ! Send out auto review prompts. When a new customer is entered into your system, BlueJay Reviews sends out an automated prompt for the customer to leave a review. This text or email message will contain a direct link for the customer to easily and quickly leave feedback on the review site of their choice. Monitor 250+ review sites on one dashboard. There are a ton

Tips For Handling Disgruntled Dental Clients

The online reputation of your dental clinic   has a direct impact on your business. While every business strives to offer an exceptional experience for their clients, occasionally someone may have a not-so-ideal experience.  This can be tough. After all, you pour your heart and soul into what you do and it can be difficult to read a disappointing review about your venture.  BlueJay Reviews understands how unpleasant this can be but it's important to try to mitigate this type of situation as soon as possible. Our reputation management company   has a few helpful tips on how best to handle an upset customer who leaves a bad review. Check out the tips below so next time you find yourself in this situation, you'll feel more confident in your reply to a disgruntled customer. Take a Deep Breath It can be easy to reply quickly in anger but it's best to take a deep breath and relax before you respond to an upset dental client. Remain in control and collect your

5 Easy Steps for Managing Your Veterinary Clinic's Reputation

The reputation of your veterinary clinic is extremely important for both attracting new customers and keeping the ones you already have. Today, 92% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase or trying new services. Therefore, the better the online reviews for your veterinary clinic , the more customers you can expect. BlueJay Reviews is here to help you easily generate, monitor, and manage online reviews for your business. Here are 5 simple steps that allow you to manage your vet clinic's reputation. Step #1 - Collect Authentic Reviews  Most people can spot a fake review from a mile away and know immediately that the feedback is untrustworthy. Review sites that cannot be controlled by the business being reviewed are where people will look for unbiased information. How do you encourage recent clients to leave a review for your veterinary clinic? Just ask! It's really that easy. Our online review management company allows you to send review requests

See How BlueJay Reviews Can Boost Your Business's Online Reputation

A vital key to the success of any business in this day and age is managing online reviews for your company . The majority of possible customers will base their final choice using the online reviews they read. You can easily monitor your online reputation with help from BlueJay Reviews . Our reputation management service not only helps you to monitor those online reviews but also generate and manage their exposure. It's very important to stay aware of what is being said about your business online. This allows you to react to comments in a timely manner. Here is a breakdown of what BlueJay reviews can do for you.  How Does BlueJay Reviews Work? BlueJay Reviews automates your review management making it simple to respond to reviews quickly, promote great reviews automatically, and turn your existing customers into a referral engine. From our dashboard, you can:  Send personalized texts or emails to every customer automatically. Automatically send customers to review sites s

5 Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Dental Practice

There are lots of different marketing ideas to promote your dental practice . Ultimately, every strategy comes down to highlighting three key elements: visibility, credibility, and social proof. For visibility, you need to make sure that your business is easy to find and contact. Credibility shows possible patients that you are an expert in your field and can be trusted to give them quality services at fair prices. Lastly, social proof shows that other customers just like them are happy with your work. BlueJay Reviews is here to help make your dental practice stand out above the rest. The following 5 marketing strategies are a great way to get started. Update Google Listings The majority of people will "Google it" when they are searching for a new dentist. No matter how well you advertise your business, new customers will have a hard time contacting you if your Google My Business profile is not up to date. First and foremost, take control of and set up your Googl

Attract More Hotel Guests With Online Reputation Management

The hospitality industry relies heavily on its online reputation to convince potential guests to choose one hotel over another. If you would like to attract more hotel guests to stay with you, our online reputation management company can help to make that happen. Typically, when a person is searching for a hotel, location, amenities available, and positive customer reviews will be the deciding factors they look at first. If you are not prompting new reviews from current customers, you could be missing out on a large number of the reservations you should be attracting. Here's a look at how BlueJay Reviews can help you put your best and most recent reviews in front of the people that need to see them. This positive attention will get lots of eyes on you and what you have to offer. Automatically Request Reviews From Guests When a new hotel guest is entered into your ISV or POS system, an automatic review prompt will be sent out from your BlueJay Reviews account. This h

Online Reviews Can Boost Your Auto Dealership Sales

The automotive industry is a competitive area of business and potential buyers have many options available when it comes time to buy a vehicle. Not only is price point an important factor, how customers are treated is another big deciding factor for potential buyers.  The online reputation of your car dealership can have a big impact on the number of potential customers who turn into buyers. Here are some of the ways that BlueJay Reviews can help to improve sales at your auto dealership with our reputation management service ! Showcase Happy Customers People like to see the experience of others who have worked with your car dealership in the past. Customer experience is a big selling point.  Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews. You can seamlessly prompt a review from your customers as they are entered into your DMS if you integrate that DMS with BlueJay Reviews .  BlueJay Reviews currently integrates with many DMS systems. An automated review request via

7 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Veterinary Clinic

As a business owner, you want to stand out as the best veterinary clinic in your area. BlueJay Reviews has a few tips for you in today's blog that will help you to successfully market your veterinary business online . Complete Online Listings Most people turn to the internet when they are searching for new services. You want to make sure that your business information is correct when they find you. If you haven't already, claim your Google My Business profile. Once you are in charge of it, you can fill in the business details and keep them up-to-date. Text Customers A lot of people still respond to promotional materials in their email inbox, but many others do not. In comparison, text messages have a much higher open rate. Offer text messaging as an option to clients that may prefer to be reached in this manner. Send Review Requests New customers look to the opinions of your current customers to decide whether your clinic is a good fit for them and their pets. The

Getting Dental Patients to Leave Reviews is Easier Than You Think!

R eviews are imperative for all businesses but especially for those in the dental industry. There are many options when it comes to dentists and it's important that your facility stands out online to draw in new patients.  Help shine a light on your dental facility when you focus on the  online reputation of your dental office .  BlueJay Reviews   is here to help make it easy with our online dashboard that allows you to automatically send out review prompts, manually review testimonials, and manually or automatically respond to your reviews.  The following information will teach you more about strategies to get patients to leave reviews and how our  online reputation management service  plays a helpful role in the process! Ask For Reviews The first step in getting more reviews is to ask for them. When a patient is especially happy with your service, encourage them to leave you a review. Let them know it can really help out your dentist's office and help you continue t

Google's Temporary Pause on Reviews & How Your Business Can Handle the Changes

The recent restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 have affected most business operations, including Google. Since they are working with fewer staff members than usual, some features for Google My Business (GMB) are temporarily limited. Business reviews on Google , review replies, and Google Q&A will be unavailable for a while.  This does not mean that you should stop asking customers to leave reviews. Although Google will not be posting them immediately, the reviews will be saved to post later. With so much confusion in the world, local businesses are vulnerable to misinformation and not so favorable reviews due to client frustration. Pausing certain features ensures that information can be adequately moderated. BlueJay Reviews is here to make sure your business can benefit from customer feedback. Here are some suggestions to help lessen the impact of some of Google's temporary changes. Reviews New reviews are still being accepted by Google but are not being published ri