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A Guide to Voice Search & How It Can Impact Your Business

Voice search is becoming more and more popular among searchers. Is your business showing up as a relevant result for a voice search? You may be confident in your search result placement for a text search, but voice search uses different factors to rank a relevant result. Our online reputation management service is here to help point out a few ways to help improve your chance of ranking for a voice search. Start implementing these changes today: Complete Google My Business Profile Your Google My Business profile is one of the many sources Google crawls when displaying relevant search results for a searcher. If your profile isn't 100% accurate, it could be detrimental to your search results...therefore, making it hard for online searchers to find your business. Take time to claim your Google My Business page (if you haven't already) and ensure it is complete and accurate. Generate More Reviews Google likes reviews and consumers like to read reviews. This is an effectiv

Improve SEO with Online Reputation for Veterinary Clinics

Pet owners want the best for their furry friends. Finding a reputable veterinarian is a must for most pet owners. When someone is searching for a veterinarian, they pay attention to online reputation and ease of finding information. Search engine optimization has a big impact on how easy it is to find your vet website. Online reviews have a direct correlation to search engine results. If you want to improve your SEO and online reputation, BlueJay Reviews is here for you! Learn exactly how online reviews can have a positive impact on SEO and how our online reputation management business can help. How Online Reviews Impact on SEO: Google Trusts What Consumers Have to Say When ranking websites, Google trusts the public. Your online reputation can help play into your rankings. If you have a strong reputation with a lot of five-star reviews, that factor will likely impact your rankings. A reputable company is more likely to be shown as a search result, especially on local search.

EASY Customer Engagement Touch Points for Auto Dealers to Improve Online Reputation

Online reviews can make or break an auto dealer. There are a limited number of factors consumers use when choosing a place to buy a vehicle and online reputation is one of them. If you aren't taking control of your online reputation, you may be missing out on a number of potential buyers and closed sales. BlueJay Reviews offers an easy and effective way to monitor the online reputation of your auto dealership . Learn how we can help make monitoring your online reputation a breeze AND some tips for customer engagement strategies along the way. Customer Engagement Points: Include Reviews as Part of Sale Process As your sales team is working through the sales process with your customer, have them mention leaving a review. This may help reinforce the idea that reviews DO help auto dealership. For the most part, consumers like to be asked about their experience and sometimes simply asking them can make all the difference in conversion rate of reviews. Keep Tabs on What Custo

In-House Changes to Improve Online Reputation for Dentists

Dentistry is an area of business with high competition. There are many practicing dentists to choose from. Since bi-annual appointments are recommended, consumers aren't worried about driving to find a dentist that meets their families' needs. That means any dentist within driving distance could take your patients and potential patients away. With that kind of competition, it's vital that online reputation be of high importance to dentist facilities. If you are a dentist or manage a dentist office, you may be wondering what you can do internally to improve your online reputation. Our online reputation management company has a few ideas of ways you can help improve the number of online reviews and your overall star rating. Ask Patients for Reviews As a patient is checking out from their visit, simply ask them to share their feedback. It may feel a little awkward at first, but the majority of happy consumers don't mind being asked for a review. Make this part of

Quick Stats about Hotel Reviews

As a hotel owner or manager, you likely know your online reputation is important. It may be even more important that you give it credit for, though. Online reviews are one of the top factors travelers take into consideration when booking a hotel. If your hotel isn't monitoring your online reputation, how do you know what's being said about your business? BlueJay Reviews helps you take control of your online reputation so you can more easily monitor what reviews are being left about your hotel. Potential guests are serious about the online reputation of hotels in which they are considering to stay. Take a look below for a few quick stats that may surprise you about hotel reviews: Hotel Review Stats: • 97.7% of consumers read reviews of other travelers. • 18% of travelers say reviews drive more loyalty to a certain hotel. • 92% of customers fully trust a travel review of a close family member or friend. • 77.9% heavily weigh the reviews of other travelers' on

Tips for Veterinarians to Grow Online Reputation

Online reputation has a big impact on almost every business. The veterinarian industry heavily relies upon online reviews. Pets are like family members and consumers want the best for their families. It's important to many pet owners to find the best veterinarian in their area and online reputation can help drive people to your vet office (or away from it). Take control of your online reputation and help make sure your vet office is one that attracts new clients with a good online reputation. Our online reputation management service helps many veterinarians easily monitor their online reputation. It's an effective and easy to use platform that helps you prompt new reviews, monitor your current reviews, and reply to client feedback. Conveniently monitor the online reputation of your veterinary office  with BlueJay Reviews. Tips to Grow Online Reputation: Complete Reputation Site Profiles There are a ton of review sites online and potential clients gather their inform

How to Handle a Negative Review About an Auto Dealership

It's frustrating to get a negative review! You work hard to make your business the best and there are times when not every customer gets the best experience. If someone shares their negative experience in a review, there are some strategic ways to reply. Our online reputation management service is here to help shed some light on best practices for responding to a negative review. Take a look: Always Reply to the Negative Review Getting a negative review may be disheartening and you may write off the situation, but it's important to reply to the negative review in a calm and professional manner. Potential and current customers may be eagerly awaiting your reply to such a review to see if you're a dealership they want to do business with. Acknowledge the Issue Offer your understanding of the situation and try to make the upset customer feel like you understand their frustration. This simple statement can help the customer feel more validated in their feelings and

How to Get Dental Patients to Leave a Review

Reviews are imperative for all businesses but especially for those in the dental industry. There are many options when it comes to dentists and it's important that your facility stands out online to draw in new patients. Help shine a light on your dental facility when you focus on the online reputation of your dentist office . BlueJay Reviews is here to help make it easy with our online dashboard that allows you to automatically send out review prompts, manually review testimonials, and manually or automatically respond to your reviews. Learn more about the strategies to get patients to leave reviews and how our online reputation management service plays a helpful role in the process! Ask For Reviews The first step in getting more reviews is to ask for them. When a patient is especially happy with your service, encourage them to leave you a review. Let them know it can really help out your dentist office and help you continue to best serve more customers. Most people are w

Ways to Improve Hotel Rank for "Near Me" Searches

Location is a major factor Google uses to present search results. Finding a specific business, like a hotel, near a certain location is important, especially if a potential guest is traveling from out of town and not super familiar with the area. Helping your hotel show up for "near me" Google searches can help your business book more rooms. BlueJay Reviews has put together a few strategies you can put in place to hopefully help your hotel rank higher on these types of searches. Update Your Google My Business Listing  First things first: make sure that you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing. Once you have your profile claimed, make sure that you update your Google My Business profile with information that will help customers discover your business. Make sure that you have high-definition photos, contact information like email and phone number, and your business hours. The more detailed your profile, the better the signals you send to Google’s algorithm. Make