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STAND OUT with Automation for Your Dental Clinic

Automated tasks can take a great deal of workload off your staff and dentists. Taking extra tasks off their plate gives them more time for patients and ensuring your patients get the best treatment and overall experience possible. Our online reputation management platform is here to showcase how automation can save a ton of time for your dental clinic. Time is money and BlueJay Reviews is here to help! Growing a business is a difficult task and it can be scary to add more employees to the equation without confidence that you'll be bringing in more patients, and therefore more money to cover the cost of the payroll addition. Automation is your friend as you are going through the growing pains with your dental facility.  Set Up Automated Accounting Manually entering bills and payments can be daunting tasks that eat up a lot of payroll hours. Consider going with an automated platform that is easy for your staff to enter items to be billed and allows patients to enter their own payme

Top 3 Reasons Online Reputation Is Vital for Law Firms

When a consumer is need of legal advice, they most likely take to the internet to find a professional who can help. Showing up toward the top of an online search for lawyers in your area can highly increase the number of new clients that come to your firm for your services. Our online reputation management platform can help your law firm take control of your online reviews . Lawyers have a negative stigma that positive online reviews can help combat. Learn why the online reputation of your law firm is so important: 1) Draw in New Clients A potential new client is searching for the best lawyer for their specific needs. Your online reputation can either draw new clients in or drive them to your competition down the road -- depending if you have a positive or negative overall reputation. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely a person who has never heard of your firm is to choose you for their legal needs. 2) Mitigate Negative Reviews The legal world is a field of high emot

Reputation Marketing Matters for Veternarians

Pets are like family and everyone wants the best for their family. It's vital to show up for online searches for veterinarians in your geographical area in order to attract new customers. Online reviews have been proven to impact search engine rankings so the more positive reviews you have, the better! Learn why reputation marketing is so important for veterinarians: Proactively take control of your reputation  When customers do a search for your business online, one of the first things they’ll see is your star rating and reviews on Google. But there is a problem. The customers who are most likely to post reviews online are those who feel that they’ve had negative experiences. As a result, potential customers often see the opinions of your unhappy customers first.  SEO and content  Ultimately, a big part of your reputation is what comes up when customers do a Google search for your business. So type in your business’s name into a search bar and take note of what you see. Are all

Tips to Improve Customer Experience at Car Dealership

 As a car dealership, you're likely always on the hunt for drawing new customers in. Improving your overall customer experience can do just that, and more, for your dealership. Our online reputation management platform can help  make it easy to manage your online reviews. From automated prompts to gather more reviews from customers to viewing all review with the click of a button, you'll be amazed at the ways we can help you take control of your car dealership online reputation . Learn why a strong customer engagement focus can help AND tips to improve the experience of your dealership's customers: Benefits of Strong Customer Engagement: Give an incentive. Offering customers something of value beyond your products and services. Create and strengthen relationships. Building long-lasting relationships with your customers through timely, relevant, and personalized communications. Reducing customer churn. Customers that report great experiences are more likely to upgrade or

Why Referrals Are So Important for Insurance Agents

There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing insurance. An individual may even have different insurance agents for different kinds of insurance they may have. The goal for any agent is to get as many accounts from current clients and to attract new clients to their agency. Referrals are a highly effective way to draw in those potential clients to your insurance agency! Our reputation management platform is here to help by point out WHY referrals are so important now how BlueJay Reviews can make it easy to implement an effective referral strategy!  Customers are 4x more likely to buy when they have a recommendation from a friend (Nielsen).  You can expect 16% more profits from customers who have been referred to a business. (HBR)  64% of marketing executives said that word-of-mouth recommendations were the most effective form of marketing. However, only 6% of executives say that they’ve mastered it. (Forbes)  According to a study, only 3% of people trust marketers. (

TAKE CONTROL of your Online Reputation

Your online reputation has a big impact on your business. Google rankings, consumer impressions, and the bottom line of your business are all impacted by online reviews.  BlueJay Reviews can help you take control of your online reputation ! Our platform makes it easy!  Automated Review Prompts BlueJay Reviews easily integrates into your existing POS or ISV system and sends out automated review prompts to new customers as they are entered into your tracking system. At this point, the customer has a text or email on their phone (which they're likely on at the time) ready to share their feedback. This is ideal timing because the experience is fresh and they are more likely to share feedback at this point. Instant Feedback The screen that prompts a review has the customer select to share their positive feedback (if it's a 4 or 5 star rating) or share feedback directly with the company (if it's a 3 or lower star rating). This is a fantastic way for a happy customer to share thei