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How to Ask for Reviews for your Vet Clinic

Coming right out and asking a patient to leave a review may seem a bit awkward at first, but it's really not as intimidating as it may seem. It's actually one of the most effective ways to convert happy customers into satisfied online reviewers. If your vet clinic is looking for the cutting edge on getting more pet owners to choose your location, online reputation management for your vet clinic may be the answer! The more positive reviews and social signals that are circulating about your veterinary office, the better. Learn some best practices for asking for a review from your patients that you can start implementing around your practice today! Have your receptionist work a review prompt into every patient interaction.  Your front line employees are visiting with patients throughout their time in your office. Take this time to have them casually slip in some information about a review. If someone is raving about their experience (which we hope they are), have your staff

How Review Responses Impact SEO for Your Dentist

There are many competitors in the dental industry. Help your dentist office stand out with spectacular online reviews and SEO. If you're interested in learning how the actions you take when a review is left can impact your search result rankings, our online reputation management platform is here to help explain! Check out the details below and learn how BlueJay Reviews can help make monitoring your online reputation a breeze. What helps you with customers also helps you with search engines. Google wants to give customers the best results for their queries. So the factors that it relies upon to provide reliable search results are often the same factors that customers use to determine if a business is trustworthy. Review diversity, review recency, and review quantity are all signals that are taken into account by Google’s search algorithm.  You can make sure that your business is being discovered by paying attention to how your business is performing in regards to these facto

Increase Auto Dealership Sales with a Positive Online Reputation

The online reputation of an auto dealership can have a direct impact on sales. If you're looking to sell more vehicles, it's time to take control of your auto dealership's online reputation . From increasing your online search results to being a trustworthy dealership in the eyes of potential consumers, there are many ways that online reputation can have a positive impact on your dealership. Learn more about the ways our online reputation management service  can help increase sales for your auto dealership: Increase Search Rankings Google has stated that it takes online reputation into consideration when ranking a website. If your dealership is a great overall star rating and a lot of online reviews, you have a better chance of ranking above your competition in an online search. Many consumers take their search online to find the best auto dealership in their area. Taking control of your online reputation can help your dealership be one of the most relevant search re

5 Reasons Hotels Should Use BlueJay Reviews

Travelers look at online reviews when making booking decisions. If your hotel isn't taking control of your online reputation , you're likely losing guests to your competitors. Location, amenities, and reputation are the top 3 considerations travelers look into when booking a hotel. If you're not standing out on all 3 of these categories, you may be losing out on a big piece of your target market. Learn how our online reputation management service can help you easily take control of your online reputation! 1. Authentic Reviews Reviews obtained on the BlueJay Reviews platform are every bit as authentic as the reviews that your customers write on other review platforms like Google or Facebook. When someone writes a review on your custom business profile, they need to authenticate via their Facebook or Google login. Your customer writes a review by clicking on the link in your email. Then, you have a track record of who wrote the review. 2. Easy to Find When your cu

Why Dental Professionals Can't Afford to Ignore Social Media Reviews

Social media is a way of life in this day in age. 33% of the Earth's population is active on Facebook. If your dental office doesn't have social media accounts established, it's time to get social. Social media platforms have reputation prompts, just like Google or any other online reputation source. Not monitoring the online reputation across your social media platforms may be impacting your business in a negative way. Our online reputation management platform allows you the ability to easily monitor your online reviews across 100+ websites -- social media platforms included. Learn why social media and social media reviews are so important to dentists: Benefits of Social Media for Dentists: Expand Your Reach Using social media can help you reach many more people than a traditional advertising method. People spend a significant amount of time on social media each day. Have your message reach people where they spend their time -- online! Showcase your Office You

Ways a Vet Clinic Can Go Above & Beyond to Improve Patient Experience

As a veterinary clinic, it's important that you provide the best experience possible for every patient. Being known as the best can help bring more and more patients through your doors. Our online reputation management platform allows veterinarians and office managers to easily accomplish a stronger online reputation . The more you focus on your online reputation, the better. We understand focusing on online reputation can be a full-time job. That's why we've created the BlueJay Reviews dashboard! Our platform allows veterinary clinics to send out review prompts and easily monitor what's being said online about your clinic. Easily keep tabs on your online reviews to help boost your overall SEO. To more your clinic shows up for a search result, the more money you'll likely make! Providing a positive experience for every patient is vital to ensuring a positive reputation online. Our online reputation management platform is here to help point out some ways you

Be Found. Be Chosen. Be the Best Auto Dealership.

How can your auto dealership be known as the best? If you're constantly asking yourself how to help your dealership stand out, online reputation is the answer! Help your business stand out online with a strong online reputation. BlueJay Reviews is here for your dealership! We can help your dealership gain new reviews from current customers and better monitor your online reviews. Check out how our online reputation management platform can help your dealership be found, be chosen, and make more sales! About BlueJay Reviews: BlueJay is a comprehensive review monitoring, generation, and management program powered by BirdEye. We are dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue. The problem is how do you do that while trying to run your day to day operations? That’s where BlueJay Reviews will provide you the tools and know how to leverage your greatest asset of r

Why a 5 Star Review May NOT be that Great for Online Reputation

Consumers think a 4.8 star review is better than a 5 star review, in some cases. While on the scale, 4.8 is certainly not better than 5, it does seem like more of a legitimate business reputation. Consumers are looking for actual results, not just the best of the best, when it comes to online reviews. If someone is interested in buying from a business, they want to see the positive and negative experiences consumers have had in order to best make an informed buying decision. Our online reputation management platform helps businesses in all sorts of business sectors monitor online reviews. While BlueJay Reviews hopes all your reviews are 5-star worthy, we understand that may be the reality (and it may even be better in the eyes of potential consumers). Learn why in our latest blog: It's Hard to Make Every Consumer Satisfied Consumers understand it can be nearly impossible for a business to have a perfect online reputation. It's hard to ensure every customer is 100% satis