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Attract More Guests with These Steps

The main goal of every hotel is to provide the best accommodations, amenities, and experience for guests. This goal can set your hotel apart from the competition and keep guests coming to your property. If you're looking for ways to get more guests, taking control of your online reputation is a great place to start! Lucky for you, BlueJay Reviews is here to point out some of the ways our online reputation platform can help you monitor your online reviews . Learn how you can attract more customers and make more money for your hotel.  Create your target customer profile and create a customer journey map. Ask yourself what motivates your customers? What drove them to purchase a product or service from your business? How did they find you? Make the first impression count. If you can, offer real-time support and keep the conversation going once you have your customer’s attention. A customer engagement platform that offers chat support is a popular tool many businesses use. Leave no st

How to Leverage Your Competitive Advantage of Consumer Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers gives you and your team insight as to how your business is perceived to real-life consumers. This knowledge is a huge advantage! You can strategize and make changes based on this feedback in order to make your company more appealing to your customer base. Learn how BlueJay Reviews can help you gather more reviews and take control of your online reputation . Then read on to see how you can best leverage this information for the betterment of your company!  BlueJay Reviews automates your review management making it simple to respond to reviews quickly, promote great reviews automatically, and turn your existing customers into a referral engine. Send personalized texts or emails to every customer automatically. Automatically send customers to review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Open Table, Etc. Monitor and respond to new reviews from all review-sites in one easy to use dashboard. Increase your overall customer ratings. Receive t

Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. It's when a customer promotes your insurance agency through every day social interactions. Testimonials and online reviews are the perfect examples of word of mouth marketing. BlueJay Reviews makes it easy to take your insurance agency to the next level with our reputation monitoring platform AND automated review prompts.  Marketing Stats on Word of Mouth: 92% of people value recommendations from family and friends above all forms of traditional advertising.  72% of people get news from friends and family.  74% of customers specifically identify word-of-mouth as a key factor in making purchase decisions.  Influence Word of Mouth Marketing by Gaining More Reviews! Online reviews are a popular and effective way to spread the word about the great experiences your customers are having with your agency. Our online reputation management platform makes it easy by helping gather more reviews for your business, mon

5 Tips for Responding to Negative Review About Your Vet Clinic

Veterinary clinic owners and managers strive for the best experience for every patient. While this is a fantastic goal to have top of mind, there are unfortunately times when a negative experience is had by a patient of yours. It can be difficult to read a negative review about the clinic you've worked so hard to grow and maintain. While it always stings, there is a right and wrong way to respond to this type of negative review. Our reputation management platform is here to help guide you in creating a solid response to negative feedback online.  1. Be Empathetic Pets are family and that means it is often a highly-emotional experience when pets are involved. Keep this knowledge top of mind when reading negative reviews. A situation with strong emotions can often lead to a pet owner acting out of character. Try your best to be open minded and empathetic about the negative experience one of our patients had with your clinic.  2. Always Respond It can be tempting to close out of a ne

Automate Your Dealership's Online Reputation

Monitoring online reviews can seem like an overwhelming task but BlueJay Reviews makes it easy -- so easy that many of the steps can be automated! Our online reputation management platform helps you monitor your overall online reputation in one, easy to use location. Learn how you can automate the online reputation process with BlueJay Reviews! Automatic Review Prompts When a new customer is entered into your system, BlueJay Reviews sends out an automated prompt for the customer to leave a review. This text or email message will contain a direct link for the customer to easily and quickly leave feedback. Monitor Review Sites in One Location There are a ton of review sites out there, and even more specifically targeted toward auto dealers. Our platform allows you to easily manage all of your review sites on one dashboard. This allows you easy access to view and respond to your online reviews. Get Notification of Negative Review If a customer leaves a negative review via the review pro

The Impact Reviews Have on SEO

The higher your business appears on a search, the more likely searchers are to click on your website to answer their search question. Being listed in the top spot for a search is highly coveted. If your business isn't quite #1, our online reputation management platform is here to help. You'll find some of the ways online reviews have an impact on SEO and how you can leverage BlueJay Reviews to help your business appear higher in a search result.  Fresh Content is Great (Google even says so) Anytime new content is published about or from your business, it's a good thing. Google likes fresh and updated content and it's a factor in the website ranking formula. If people are leaving a high level of content about your business, Google will notice and take that into consideration when ranking your site. Prompting more reviews with our reputation platform can help your business build content surrounding your business -- it's a win-win! Be Seen as a Reputable Business Whe

Win Patient Interaction For Your Dental Clinic with BlueJay Reviews

Interacting with your current and future patients in the right ways can make all the difference for your dentist facility. We're here to showcase how our online reputation management platform can easily take you through the right customer touch points! Check it out: : Collect Reviews Our platform sends automated texts or emails to your patients after a visit. This message includes a prompt for a review. Once the patient leaves their feedback, it's either automatically published across a platform of your choice (if it's positive) or it's sent directly to your inbox (if it's negative). This gives you the chance to intercept a negative review before it gets published for the public to view. This also gives you the chance to significantly grow your review database. Get Found Online Online reputation has a direct impact on search engine rankings. That means the higher and stronger your online reviews, the better chance you have at showing up higher than your c

5 Types of Customer Expectations for Insurance Agencies

Customers have expectations when dealing with any business. Insurance agencies are no different. The important piece to master is to understand what your customer expectations are so you can best cater to their wishes. You and your team likely work very hard to please your customers but without the knowledge of the expectation, you may be making the wrong changes. Our online reputation management tool is here to help inform you about customer expectation types so you can best adjust your agency to meet the expectations of your customers! Explicit Expectations Explicit expectations are specific targets that customers are looking for when they seek out your product or service. For example, a customer may come to an automotive dealership expecting a certain price range and minimum miles per gallon. Implicit Expectations Implicit expectations are what customers have come to expect as table stakes from businesses in your vertical. These expectations are typically based on previou