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Tips to Improve Patient Experience at the Dentist

Going to the dentist has a bad stigma, but it really shouldn't.  Your dental practice works hard to provide the best care for your patients and our reputation management company wants to help you break that negative thought associated with going to the dentist. Check out some easy ways you and your staff can improve the experience for your patients! Ensure All Staff is Helpful and Friendly Every team member a patient comes into contact with has an impact on their overall experience. Ensure your staff is friendly and acknowledges every patient they are in close proximity to. Your intake desk can often have conversations about billing and insurance -- which aren't the most fun topics. Make sure your front desk staff are professional and know how to convey messages in a positive and friendly way. Encourage a Comfortable Environment The dentist can be a stressful place for many patients, especially if they don't know what to expect. Think about each space your patien

Why Referral Marketing is King in the Insurance Sector

Word of mouth marketing is impactful in many areas of business but it's even more vital for those in the insurance industry. Referrals are considered a very popular type of word of mouth marketing. Consumers trust online referrals just as much as they would trust a personal referral from a friend. If your insurance agency isn't monitoring your online reputation , you could be unknowingly driving traffic to your competition down the road. Learn why referral marketing is so important for insurance agencies below: People are 4X more likely to buy when referred by a friend 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know One word-of-mouth referral drives 5X more sales than one paid online advertisement For the most part consumers are loyal to their insurance. While you're going have those that choose to shop around every year for better rates, the majority of your customers tend to stay with a company until there is a reason to switch, like an issue. If consume

How Does BlueJay Reviews Work?

For the most part business owners know that online reviews are important and the more positive reviews, the better. But how exactly can you get more reviews for your business? That's where BlueJay Reviews comes into play. Our platform helps you manage your online reputation . That means inviting current customers to leave reviews and monitoring/responding to reviews that are left. If an unhappy customer leaves a negative review, you'll know about it in a timely manner so you can take the appropriate action to make the situation right. That's a brief overview of what we do, but check out the further details below: BlueJay Reviews is dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue. The problem is how do you do that while trying to run your day to day operations? That’s where BlueJay Reviews will provide you the tools and know how to leverage your greatest

Attract More Guests with a Strong Reputation

Reputation is vital for hotels. Guests consider three major factors when selecting a hotel - location, reputation, and amenities. Reputation is one of the easiest of those factors to control to help draw more guests to your property. BlueJay Reviews specializes in reputation management for hotels and we are proud to help many in the hospitality industry improve their online reputation. Check out WHY it's so important for hotels to focus on reputation below: People Trust Peer Experience When a searcher is trying to find a place to stay, they rely heavily on a review from a peer. Online reviews have made it easy to get details about a hotel. The majority of consumers trust an online review just as much as they would trust a personal referral from a friend. If you aren't monitoring your online reviews, you may not know what's being said about your business for all potential guests to read. Guests Want to See if there Were Any Apparent Issues Since potential guests t

Boost Reputation during Engagements with Insurance Customers

Insurance is all about relationships. Once you build a strong relationship with your client, they are likely going to stick with your agency. Drawing new customers into your insurance agency is the key to getting more customers. A strong online reputation can help do just that -- bring new clients to your agency. Our online reputation management company is here to showcase a few of the ways you can go above and beyond with your current book of clients that will help drive new clients to your agency! When a New Client Comes on Board A new client chose your agency for a reason. Make it easy for them to share that reason with the world and help boost your online reputation. In a casual conversation, let your new client know that you're thankful for their business and hope they can share their experience via an online review. This subtle conversation can help remind customers why they chose your agency and prompt them to go online and leave a review for your insurance business.

Improve SEO for Car Dealerships with Reviews

Reviews are one of the factors used to rank websites on Google. If you aren't taking control of your online reputation, you may be losing traction in search results. Our reputation management company offers easy ways for you to monitor and attract more reviews. Start experiencing the positive impact of more reviews for your car dealership when you partner with BlueJay Reviews . Check out some tips we've put together for your dealership to make a positive impact on your search results with online reputation monitoring . Reputable Company in the Eyes of Google When ranking websites, Google trusts the public. Your online reputation can help play into your rankings. If you have a strong reputation with a lot of five-star reviews, that factor will likely impact your rankings. A reputable company is more likely to be shown as a search result, especially on local search. Knock the Competition Down in Search The more reviews that are left on different review platforms, the

Tips for Sharing Opening Procedures with Minimal Backlash for Veterinarians

Veterinarian clinics across America are facing unique challenges during this time. Whether your clinic is only open for emergency services, you are only allowing the patients in the door (not the humans), or you're back to normal processes, there's likely some obstacles to work through. People don't particularly like change and letting a dog owner know that they are unable to come into the veterinary office with their pet can be devastating. While the protocol you have in place may be a recommendation or mandatory from a governing entity, it's still your clinic that is sharing the upsetting news with your patients' owners. This kind of situation may lead a pet owner to lash out and write a negative review for your veterinary clinic . Here at BlueJay Reviews , we know that can be a very emotional situation. That's why we're sharing some tips on ways to explain your procedures in a way that may be easier to swallow for pet owners.   Share Entering Process Make

Ways to Turn Negative Reviews into Wins for Your Dental Practice

A negative review can deflate your excitement about your business but it's important to react in a professional manner. This kind of feedback can actually be a great learning opportunity for you and your team. Our reputation management company knows a negative review can feel like a big blow, especially when you pour your heart and soul into your dental practice. Learn some tips from  BlueJay Reviews  for turning a negative review into a positive situation for your entire team: Take a Moment and RESPOND Responding to a negative review can help you show the human side to your business. If someone did have a bad experience, you don't want that to be the last they hear form your practice. Apologize for the experience, offer an explanation (if there is one), and invite them to contact you personally to further discuss the situation. You can also advise the patient that the experience they had is not typical and invite them to try your office again for a complimentary appoint