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2020 GOALS: Improve Online Reputation Management

As a new year rolls around, many resolutions are being made for 2020 on both a personal and business level. As a business owner or manager you've likely thought about ways to improve your business. Online reputation has a big impact on your reputation, online presence, and bottom line. If you're not focusing on your reputation, now's the time to get serious about monitoring your online reputation . BlueJay Reviews can help improve your online reputation management processes making it easy and convenient to keep tabs on what's being said about your business online. Learn how our online reputation management service can benefit your venture in 2020! About BlueJay Reviews: BlueJay Reviews is dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue. The problem is how do you do that while trying to run your day to day operations? That’s where BlueJay Reviews w

5 Travel Review Sites Your Hotel Needs to be on in 2020

Reviews are an important traffic source for those in hospitality industry. Online reviews have taken over as one of the most important factors a potential guest looks into when making a booking decision. If your hotel doesn't stand out with stellar reviews, you may quickly be overlooked and send your potential guests to your competition. There are many generic and hospitality centered review sites out there and BlueJay Reviews is featuring the top 5 hotel review sites you need to be on in 2020. 1. Expedia (Orbitz,, Travelocity)  The Expedia Group includes sites like Orbitz,, and Travelocity. These sites together represent a large chunk of the travel review ecosystem. To get your business listed on these sites, visit the Expedia Group’s Lodging Partner Services page. 2. TripAdvisor  While TripAdvisor may have been eclipsed by sites like Google and Facebook in recent years, the site is still relevant. TripAdvisor contains 25% of all hotel reviews. Che

Suprising Statistics About Online Reputation

Are you managing your online reviews? Your customers are! If you're not monitoring your online reputation, now's the time to start thinking about ways you can improve the reputation circulating online about your business. Consumers make final purchase decisions based on online reviews so it's imperative to your business success that you put an effort into gathering and promoting reviews. Below, our online reputation management service has featured some statistics about online reputation that may surprise you. We're certain after reading these stats that you'll put a higher importance on online reputation management ! Check them out: Online Reputation Statistics: 92% of consumers now read online reviews.  69% of customers agree a review must be written within 2-3 months to be considered relevant.  A 1-star rating improvement can result in a 5%-9% increase in revenue.  74% of consumers claim a positive review makes a business appear more trustworthy. 40% of

5 Automotive Review Sites Your Dealership Needs to be on in 2020

Reviews are a big way to drive potential customers to your dealership. Online reviews have taken over as one of the most important factors a car shopper looks into when making a buying decision. If your dealership doesn't stand out with stellar reviews, you may quickly be overlooked and send your customer down the road to your competition. There are many generic and auto centered review sites out there and BlueJay Reviews is featuring the top 5 auto review sites you need to be on in 2020. 1. Edmunds Edmunds contains vehicle listings all over the United States. The site helps customers buy cars, sell cars, read tips for purchase, and appraise their own vehicles. 2. is one of the biggest automotive listing sites on the Internet. The site helps customers buy cars, sell cars, and find auto body shops. 3. DealerRater DealerRater is another industry-specific site that was created specifically for dealerships (as you could probably guess). 12 million peopl

Tips for Creating a Solid Customer Experience for Car Buyers

Ensuring your auto dealership customers have a great experience is key for customer retention and drawing in new customers. Customer experience is ultimately the feedback customers leave in a review. The online reputation of your auto dealership is vital for keeping customers coming back and selling more vehicles. Our online reputation management service knows how important your online reputation is. We also know that the customer experience of your dealership is where it all starts. BlueJay Reviews has provided some tips for how to create a fantastic customer experience for all your vehicle buyers. Evaluate Current Reviews Your customer feedback can offer some great insight as to what your customer experience is like. Take every review as a learning opportunity as to where your dealership exceeds and where improvement is needed. You can learn a lot from the feedback your satisfied and unsatisfied buyers leave. Check Out Competitor Experience Your own customer feedback is

Boost Star Rating and Book More Rooms

Experience is everything for the hospitality industry. What amenities are provided at the establishment? How does the staff treat guests? Where is the hotel located in relation to my destination? Answers like these can be found by potential guests by browsing online reviews. If your hotel doesn't have many online reviews, it may be time to focus on your hotel's online reputation . BlueJay Reviews can help hospitality companies leverage customer feedback to help increase your overall star rating and book more rooms. Learn how our online reputation management platform works and how that can impact the hospitality industry. How Does BlueJay Reviews Work? BlueJay Reviews automates your review management making it simple to respond to reviews quickly, promote great reviews automatically, and turn your existing customers into a referral engine. Send personalized texts or emails to every customer automatically. Automatically send customers to review sites such as Google

A Breakdown of the Best Ways to Ask for Reviews

Reviews are often one of the first factors a potential customer looks at when researching a product or service. Studies show that 92% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase decision. It's evident that reviews are important for the success of a business. Now's the tricky part...asking for them. This may seem a bit awkward at first, but it's really not as intimidating as it may seem. For the most part, a person who has had a great experience with your business is happy to leave feedback about their experience...they just usually don't get asked to do so. The first step in getting more reviews posted online for your business is to ask for them. Check out some tips on how you can ask your customers for reviews: Have your front line employees remind customers to leave a review. The people your customer interacts with is already building that relationship so it seems natural for the front line employees to ask customers to leave a review. Especially if

Effective Steps for Responding to Negative Reviews for Hotels

Hotels heavily rely on reviews for future business. Many people will make a booking decision based upon location, online reputation, and amenities. These three factors are up there in the most important things to showcase about a hotel online. BlueJay Reviews can help you cover the online reputation piece which can have a positive impact on other areas of your hotel business, as well! It's clear that overall online review star ratings are important for those making a booking decision, but those potential guests are also looking at the top few reviews, when finding a place to stay. Unfortunately, negative reviews happen from time to time. How your hotel responds to such a review can either make the situation worse or turn it around, in the eyes of the person with a bad experience and the general public reading through online reviews. Learn how you can better respond to a negative review: Steps for Responding to Negative Reviews: 1. Take a Moment to Calm Down Getting a bad r

What is Social Proof and Why is it Important?

Social proof is becoming more and more prevalent in the online era of business. People are looking for solutions to help them find answers to their questions. That's why Google is such a huge success. The majority of online searches conducted are done through Google. If your business isn't doing anything to impact your social proof, you may be missing out on a large portion of potential sales and revenue for your business. What is Social Proof? Consumers are all about doing a quick online search and finding answers to their questions without doing a big portion of upfront work. This is where social proof comes into play. Social proof is when someone believes something to be true because society has said it is. Reviews and online reputation is the perfect example of this. If the majority of reviews say a business is the best, for the most part, consumers believe that, even if they haven't had an experience with the specific business before. Why is Social Proof Impo