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Must-Know Details about Apple Maps

Apple Maps is making a change to their platform to soon accept reviews within the platform, instead of using outside platforms to showcase the reputation of the business. There were about 23 million active users on Apple Maps last year. That means there's a huge opportunity to maximize upon the Apple Maps market, when it comes to leveraging online reviews. Learn more about the changes Apple Maps plans to make in the near future:

If you own an iPhone, you probably know about Apple Maps, the default map application for iOs. Just like other map applications like Google Maps and Waze, Apple Maps features reviews and ratings for businesses. Currently, Apple gets this data from third-party review providers like Yelp and TripAdvisor. If an Apple Maps user clicks on business reviews, they’ll then be taken to these third-party apps. But this is changing. 

Apple Maps will soon have its own rating platform so that customers can view and post ratings for local businesses without needing to leave the app. Let’s talk about what we know so far and what this change means for your business. 

No change has taken place yet but when it does, be prepared to send your customers a review prompt with an Apple Maps link. This will mean you can start building your Apple Maps rating, along with your existing Google My Business, Facebook, and other review platforms. 

If you're ready to make a change in your online reputation, take control of your reviews with BlueJay Reviews. Our online reputation management platform makes it easy to manage your online reviews. Once the Apple Maps review feature launches, you'll be even more prepared to add that platform into your reputation management mix. Visit our website for a free demo of our platform so you can start getting familiar with it and be prepared to take control of your online reviews!

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