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Strategies to Improve Online Reputation for Lawyers

It's important that your law office is easy to find when someone does a quick google search for lawyers in their area. If your office isn't showing up, you may be missing out on a ton of potential clients. A lawyer isn't something that someone typically chooses without doing any research. Asking friends and family for recommendations and looking over online reviews are top ways potential clients gather information about local lawyers. Check out our online reputation management platform's tips to help lawyers improve their overall online reputation.

Improve Overall Star Rating

Your star rating has an impact on inquiry conversions and online search results. The higher your star rating, the better. The more positive reviews you get for your law firm, the more likely it is that your star rating will improve! 

Gain Fresh Reviews

The more reviews you have surrounding your law office the better. Present new, fresh reviews for potential clients to look over. The more recent a review, the more reliable it appears to potential clients considering your law office. 

Claim Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing is a great way to help impact local search results. Ensure your listing is claimed and up to date with your business information. This makes it easy for your law office to be found in a local search! 

Use Reviews to Draw in New Clients

Your online reviews can be used as content to draw in new clients to your law firm. A review can easily be turned into a social media post or published on your website to help potential clients view the experience others have had with your law office. 

What are you waiting for? BlueJay Reviews is here to help improve your law office online reputation. Visit our website for a free trial of our online reputation management platform so you can see the platform in action for yourself! We look forward to showcasing the ways our platform can take your law office to the next level! 

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