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Apartment Complex Case Study: Longview Meadow

Don't miss a recent case study in which our reputation monitoring platform has helped one of our apartment complex clients. Are you ready to take control of your apartment's online reputation? BlueJay Reviews is here to make it easy and convenient! Check out this awesome case study from Longview Meadow Apartments!

Longview Meadow apartment complex in Concord, NC has seen a significant overall star rating increase on Google within a brief period of consistently sending out automatic review requests to their tenants. Longview has realized a jump in their star rating of 0.5 star within only 6 months, going from a 2.3 star rating in January of 2020 to a 2.8 star rating in July of 2020. At this trajectory, with continued review request automation, Longview Meadow is projected to obtain an average star rating over 4 stars within 18 months or less. 

Since starting their business Longview Meadow had only managed to obtain 21 Google reviews over the lifetime of their Google listing. Since implementing Bluejay Reviews automated review requests and having it integrated through their property management system, Longview has almost doubled the amount of reviews received within just 6 short months.

Having a robust presence of online reviews is critical to improving your overall reputation. At Longview there simply weren’t enough consistent reviews coming in, so only one negative review could have a dramatic effect on the overall star rating and reputation. Tenants who have had an unfortunate negative experience tend to need little motivation to go online and post publicly about that experience. However the majority of happy tenants don’t necessarily think to do so.

70% of happy tenants will only go online to speak positively about a property if they are asked to and it’s made simple for them to.

Longview has seen success in increasing the amount of positive reviews by consistently and automatically sending out requests to tenants based upon three client interactions.

1.) Move-In

2.) Service Ticket Completed

3.) Move-Out

Review requests have been sent consistently over a 6 month time period via text and email.

366 total review requests were automatically sent resulting in 256 opens and 43 clicks. Of the 43 clicks 17 chose to leave a review. Of the 17 reviews, 11 were left publicly on Google and were all 4 or 5 stars. Five tenants left critical or negative feedback on an internal non-public feedback form instead of posting on public review sites. Only one negative review was posted publicly on Google. 

Prior to the implementation of the Bluejay Reviews automated solicitation program Longview had obtained 16 one star reviews, 1 two star review, 3 three star reviews, 1 four star review, and only 1 five star review on Google. Further proving that without consistent & automated solicitation of reviews from Longview's tenants the overwhelming majority of organic non-solicited reviews skew towards the lower star ratings. 

“We understand that improving our online reputation can’t happen overnight, but we are delighted to see results relatively quickly and excited for our property to be portrayed more accurately online. Bluejay Reviews has been vital in helping us increase the amount of positive reviews written about Longview.”

- Steve O’Brien, President of Arcan Capital. Property Management Group for Longview Meadows Apartments

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