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Improve Your Review Response Rate for Your Law Office

Lawyers rely heavily on online reputation to draw in new clients. If negative reviews are all that is easily found online, it can be very difficult to get new people in the door. The best way to combat negative reviews is to get more positive reviews. If you're concerned about your law office's online reputation, our online reputation management platform is here to make managing and monitoring your reviews a breeze! Learn how:

Ask Happy Clients to Leave Reviews

The easiest way to grow your online reputation is to turn the conversations of feedback with your customers into reviews. When someone mentions how happy they are with your legal service, simply as them to share their feedback online. It's a natural in to the conversation and consumers are more likely to leave a review once asked to do so. 

Send Automated Review Prompts

Instead of asking certain clients to leave reviews, it's more effective to ask every client. An automated review prompt can be sent to your clients as soon as they complete their service with your business. This also gets you the most accurate feedback about your law office when you ask all consumers to share their experience. 

Respond to Every Review

The only way you learn from  your reviews is to actually read them. While you're looking at your online reviews consumers leave about your law office, be sure to respond to it. This shows that you appreciate the time your client took to leave the feedback. It also is another touchpoint you have with your client to help reinforce their decision to choose your law firm for their legal needs. This reinforcement can help clients become repeat clients, if they have legal needs in the future. 

Mitigate Negative Reviews

It can be difficult to respond to a negative review but it's important to do so. Not only does it show that you care and you are willing to make the situation right for your client who had a negative experience, it shows other potential clients reading the review exchange that you are willing to go above and beyond to right a wrong. For the most part consumers understand not every single client is going to have an exceptionally great experience, especially when dealing with legal issues. Customers do, however, want to know that you care about your clients and are willing to make things right, if needed. 

If you're ready to take control of your online reputation, BlueJay Reviews is here to make it easy. We know that handling and responding to reviews across 100's of different platforms can be very time consuming. We make it easy by combining all of those review platforms into one easy to manage dashboard where you can view and respond to all reviews left about your business from one location! Visit our website today to request a free demo of our online reputation management platform and start taking control of your online reviews today!

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