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Strategies to Rent More Units In Your Apartment Complex

When managing an apartment complex, the main goal is to fill your units. While there is natural turnover in apartment buildings, you're in a great spot when your units are full and there's a waiting list for when apartments come open. Getting to that point can take a lot of marketing and reputation monitoring efforts. Our reputation management platform can help make it easy to monitor your apartment complex online reviews. Learn some tips for things you can be doing to rent out more units!

Increase Visibility on 3rd Party Rental Platforms

Create a business listing on all of the popular rental search websites in your area. Having completed profiles can help get your complex information out to as many potential tenants as possible. This detailed information can also help Google learn more about your business. 

Look at All Reviews

When a review from a tenant is left, it's important that you read the review. Whether a positive review or negative, the information found in the feedback from your tenant can be a huge benefit for your complex. While you're looking at the reviews your tenants leave, be sure to respond to it. This extra touchpoint can help showcase that your complex cares about the experience of your tenants, which is something potential tenants will look into when checking out your online reputation. 

Think About the Post-Rent Experience

The main interactions you have with your tenants are likely prior to them renting a unit. Once someone moves in, there are usually few interactions between tenant and landlord. This is where there is some room for improvement, in many cases. Go above and beyond to work with your tenants and even offer incentives that make sense for your property. Going the extra mile can make a lasting impression on your tenants, therefore encouraging them to spread positive word of mouth (and online reviews) about your complex. 

Put these strategies into place and start renting out more units in your apartment complex. BlueJay Reviews is excited to be a part of your complex's success. Taking control of your online reputation can benefit your complex in a number of ways and we can't wait to be a part of it all! If you're curious about our online reputation management platform, visit our website for a free demo or free trial of our platform!

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