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Tips for a Higher Conversion Rate on Reviews for the Hospitality Industry

The majority of potential guests will look at online reviews before making a booking decision. Online reputation plays a big role in the number of bookings your hotel will likely receive. There are some simple ways to increase the number of reviews you get about your hotel. First off, a reputation management company that helps you prompt new reviews is key. This can make the review prompt a seamless transition and will require no extra work on the front line staff. When a new guest is entered into your system, BlueJay Reviews gathers that information and sends out a review prompt. At this point, it's in the hands of the guest as to if and when they will complete the prompt and leave a review. Below you can find some tips you and your team can implement to get a higher conversion rate of guests who leave a review for your hotel.

Choose the Right Communication Method

BlueJay Reviews allows hotels to send review prompts to guests via email or text. The review prompt will include a link to leave their feedback right there from the email or text. It's important to find the method that works best for the majority of your guests. The good news is both email and texts are easily accessible from the mobile device that's likely in the hand of your guest throughout each day.

Time the Review Prompt Right

The closer to the time of interaction with your hotel, the more likely you are to get a higher review conversion. A guest is less and less likely to leave a review about their experience the longer you wait after they've checked out -- so right after checking out is a good time. Another factor to think about is if the guest has a poor experience. It's best to know during their stay that way you and your hotel staff can make things right while the guest is still on your property. In this case, it's best to send a review prompt during your guests' stay.

Prompt All Hotel Guests

While it can be tempting to only send review prompts to people you know will leave a positive review, you up your chances at converting reviews when you send a prompt to all guests. This also gives you a more accurate reading of the guest experience at your establishment. While all 5-star reviews are great, it may be a false positive and there could be an easy fix on your end to make the experience for everyone a 5-star.

Encourage Staff to Mention Reviews

While the BlueJay Reviews system will automatically send out a review prompt to your guests, it can help if your front line staff also mentions the review. This can give your guests a heads up about the prompt they will receive shortly and may even entice people who normally wouldn't to leave a review.

You know hotel online reputation management is vital to the success of your hotel and our reputation management service can help you generate, monitor, and manage your online reviews. Our easy to use dashboard creates one space in which you can check new reviews, reply to reviews, and much more! If you'd like to see a demonstration in action, visit our website for a free demo today!
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