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Importance of Monitoring the Online Reputation of an Auto Dealer

Online reputation is a vital marketing strategy for most businesses, but even so more important for auto dealers. When someone is searching for a vehicle, customer reviews are one of the first things a potential buyer investigates. If your online reputation isn't something to be proud of, it could be driving buyers away from your dealership before you even have the chance to showcase how great your dealership is. BlueJay Reviews can help your business showcase more positive reviews and help you easily monitor your online reputation.

Car Shoppers form Buying Decisions Around Dealership Online Reputation. 

The online reputation of a car dealer is one of the top factors potential buyers use to make a buying decision. This alone should be reason enough to pay attention to your online reputation. If you aren't on top of things, you could easily be losing out on a number of sales you didn't even have contact with.

Learn About your Customer Experience. 

Customers share feedback about their personal experience with reviews. This is helpful insight into the way your customers are feeling about their time with your business. If you notice a trend in your online reviews, it may bring an issue to light that your dealership was unaware of otherwise. Use this intel as a chance to create a better end experience for your buyers.

Showcase Customer Relations. 

When there is a negative review, interested buyers will likely see what the dealership's response was to the issue. For the most part, the general public understands things don't always go perfectly and there are hiccups along the way -- that's life. If your dealership has a defensive response or no response at all, it may not shed the best light for your dealership, in the eyes of potential buyers.

Your potential car buyers are monitoring your online reviews and you should be too! Our online reputation management service allows you the ability to view and reply to reviews left about your business on many different platforms. Instead of having to manually log into various accounts, our user-friendly dashboard is the ideal place to monitor your car dealership's online reputation. To learn more about how BlueJay Reviews can help make your reputation monitoring process easier, visit our website and sign up for a demo or free trial!
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